Sunday, 28 October 2012

DVD now available




After a long silence, for which I apologise (again) I would like to announce 
that my long-promised DVD is finally published. 

When I started this project, I was blown away by how much detailed information could be
imparted by my amazing high definition panasonic movie camera.  With no special lighting 
the camera was able to go in very close on plates being inked up, prints being pulled, and 
demonstrations of platemaking, showing every detail. 

All the filming was done in the studio, either by me or my then assistants Nicola Jackson and 
Dawn Cole,(Dawn has now left to go on to do more of her own thing).  The great advantage 
of doing it ourselves, was that when something interesting was happening, we didn't have to 
book a film crew, but simply whipped out the camera,and of course we could keep the cost 
under control.  I won't win any prizes for smooth presenting, but I do feel that the DVD goes 
a long way to showing how I approach my work, how to make collagraph plates, 
and print them

I have spent the last 4 years compiling the DVD which contains
16 short films and a slideshow of selected available prints, and which give an insight into the 
processes which I employ to create my sculptural print works: collagraph, etching and 

The construction and printing of collagraph and etching projects, interviews, courses, a 
catalogue of selected available works, as well as practical studio demos, and print-making 
tips, make this series of films of interest to the art lover, print collector, student, teacher 
& printmaker.

Towards the end I was lucky to find Kevin Law of Klaw Productions who helped me 
brilliantly to pull it all together, levelling the sound, adjusting the music, and adding images 
and text to make it more interesting and understandable.  He also insisted I redo all my many 
voice-overs, because of the background hiss made by recording directly into the computer!!

If you would like to order the DVD please email

3 1/2 hour DVD on 2 disks: Launch price £29.99
I send post free in the UK, just send a cheque made out Brenda Hartill
with your mailing address to:

Brenda Hartill
Pound House
Udimore, Rye,
East Sussex, TN31 6BA

For overseas customers, please email asking  for a paypal request, telling me your 
address, and I will calculate the postage, and send you the request.  
I will then mail out the DVD shortly after I receive the payment

Collagraph, and Mixed-Media Printmaking, a book  published by A&C Black
and a new Pure book What's the Story - artists talking about original printmaking
in which I feature along with other selected artists, 
 Both these books are available on Amazon

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