Sunday, 28 August 2011


I'll be showing my new embossed watercolours, where I use my printmaking skills to create an embossed surface for my richly coloured unique watercolours. A wide range of works will be available to view, including abstract collagraphs,  encaustic oil paintings, and my more representational etchings.  You are welcome to come to the private view in Cambridge next Friday from 6.30

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Summer has had it's distractions, but I have finally managed to upload another short video on to Youtube, so click the link below to view my next demonstration, with Nicola Jackson showing my method for inking a collagraph, to a group of students.

This one shows how we ink up one of my collagraphs, in this case one containing plant material, as well as plaster, glues, carborundum, varnishes and high gloss metal paint.  In this we are showing how we ink up the plates, usually with very weak inks (containing a lot of extender), using stubby brushes, to get into the deep bits. When the plate is properly wiped, I add primary coloured rubs - "the rubs" to enhance the sculptural qualities of the plate, rather like lighting with colour, refracting the light. All my plates are quite three-dimensional, and they lend themselves to this rather different approach to colour.

I have also recorded the making of the plates for this Primeval Land series, which I will show on another short video soon here on the blog.  I also have nearly finished one showing the application of gold leaf.

I am compiling a DVD to make a comprehensive demonstration of my methods which will be available in 2012

I hope the latest demo is useful,