Sunday, 29 May 2011

Collagraph and etching course run at Brenda's studio

A couple of years ago I ran a course at my house and studio in Sussex, and I thought it might be interesting to put this video in the blog.  It shows a week long intensive experimental course, covering etching and collagraph.  This is a snapshot of the studio, students experimenting, and final exhibition and critique.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Announcing my first youtube demo video

Well I finally got the video uploaded, thanks to help from my son Jim Moores, who is the fount of all knowlege when it comes to my endless queries about computer matters, and my daughter Susanna Moores, who took time to come down to Sussex to explain the ins and outs of blogging& facebook.  She thought I should have my own name on my blog, so I might be changing that soon!!!

Steve Hopper, had been teaching me about film-making, and who's help has been invaluable in understanding the imovie editing process.

I'd also like to mention Lesley Samms, of Pure Arts Group, an exciting new arts promotional organisation who has given me the final push to actually get some short videos on-line... thanks Lesley!!
signed collagraphwoman

Carborundum with Brenda Hartill

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

working on demo video - carborundum

Here again. No time for the art this week. Finding it hard to get my video finished and uploaded - bothered by problems with music copyright etc, but hopefully I'll get it out soon.  This one is about applying carborundum, with a few examples of how I have used it myself, what to seal it with etc. Here are a couple of  images I have used to illustrate the film.
1. Blue Inferno I,
2. Cool Raining

This week I have also been deep into my own archive of early works, especially those done when I was a theatrical designer in the 70s - these are a few of images from those times!
1.Shadow of a gunman,Set, Young Vic 1972
2. Scotty, Birmingham Rep 1974
3.Sebastian, Twelth Night, Old Vic 1973
4. Brave, The Only Good Injun is a Dead Injun, Young Vic 1972

My book, Collagraphs and mixed-media Printmaking is now in print again (4th edition) for those of you who have been unable to find it.   I often get asked for advice on technical aspects of mixed media printmaking, so this book would help, but I'll be happy to answer technical questions, although nearly everything I have learnt myself is by trial and error... in fact I'd like to hear of any innovative techniques others of you may have discovered too!

Lastly sadly I said goodbye this week to two good artist friends who died with their paintbrush in their hand. Trevor Frankland who many of you will know for his superbly refined exquisite paintings and prints, and his distinguished tenure as the president of the Royal Watercolour Society. I well remember lively dinners in Dorothy and Trevor's  mirrored dining room in Battersea, admiring his beautiful Japanese garden.

Deborah Glass, was a friend from the days when my children were little, and I was a member of the Greenwich Printmakers.  I attended a memorial exhibition of Deborah's last Sunday, which was very moving, in that all the imagary was harking back to her own childhood, and history, in the deep South of the USA. Deborah's work had a wildness and vibrancy which we shall all miss.

signed Collagraph Woman