Sunday, 24 April 2011

Signing on as Collagraph Woman

My name is Brenda Hartill, I am an artist printmaker, using print as an element of my work 
since the mid 1970s. 

So I’m taking the leap into blogdom, mainly because I hope to be able to regularly post bits of information, tips and ideas, which might be helpful to printmakers who are interested in Collagraph, and hopefully get feed-back and a discussion going. I’m hoping to reach others experimenting in the field, as well as collectors interested in the creative process of print.

Primeval Land II, Collagraph

I occasionally give talks and demonstrations, and intend to make short videos of some of the techniques I use. I’m in the process of making a DVD, but until that is published I intend to show a series of how-to demos in my blog. I’ll also give information about my exhibitions and open studios coming up, with a few of the new images I am working on.

Spring Song I, embossed watercolour
At the moment I am producing a series of unique embossed watercolours and I am  straying a bit from creating strictly  limited edition works, so you can see my  approach is “anything goes”.  With these new watercolours, I am generally using a collagraph plate to produce the embossing (printed either as a blind emboss (no ink) or very extended inks, and then building up layers of vibrant watercolour to enhance the textures lying within the embossed paper. All these works are unique, and were well received at my recent shows at the Curwen and New Academy gallery, as well as the Spring 2011 Battersea Affordable Art Fair.

My next event is an exhibition and Open Studio, in the Oast House Gallery, Udimore, Rye, as part of the South East Open Studios on June11 & 12, and 18 & 19, 11am – 5pm see invite.  This is the best way to see the large variety of prints and paintings which I have produced over the years, from quite representational etchings to abstract etchings, collages etchings and collagraphs – and perhaps buy direct from the artist. 

On Sat 18 we’ll be demonstrating printing collagraphs, and I’ll be giving a talk at 2pm

Next week I hope to publish my first demo video... look out for it!!

Best wishes,
Collagraph Woman