Sunday, 3 July 2011


I have held Open Studios for almost 30 years and have found it to be the most satisfying way to show my work, not only for the feedback one gets from meeting people who like the work, but also to be able to sell directly to customers (although in deference to the galleries we dont offer a massive discount...).
Open Studio, Southwark Bridge Road 2001
In London, at 36 Southwark Bridge Road, I had a great studio in an unimproved warehouse along with a dozen other artists, and we used to have a joint annual Open Studio in late November.  Times were good, with queues forming of people with bundles of prints in their hands. When rental prices became too high, (ironically around the time Tate Modern moved into the area) the artists left one by one, and finally I was the last one to move out in 2003 having found a fabulous studio in Kennington.
Studio in Bishop's Terrace, Kennington
I continued to have my annual open studio there relying then on my extensive mailing list, but in 2005 we moved to Udimore, near Rye in East Sussex, commuting each week and a couple of years later I finally gave up the Kennington studio, and moved lock stock and 10 plan chests to Udimore.

Open Studio in the Oast House Gallery 2006

I have just finished 2 weekends of Open Studios as part of the extensive network which is the South East Open Studios. While we all had somewhat reduced expectations this year, it was well worthwhile in the end! See this link for the series of photos taken at this June's offering:

Moving to Sussex was a hard decision, but Open Studios have helped me to settle in and they continue to be a worthwhile part of the artistic calender.  I have also built up a faithful following of local collectors, and have enjoyed meeting other artists (although the downside to becoming involved in group open studios, is that it's hard to visit other artists opening at the same time)  What's great is that people enjoy meeting the artist on their own territory, and I try to do a print demonstration on at least one day(this year my printer Nicola Jackson spent the day showing how we ink up a collagraph, with "the rubs" and application of silver leaf and this year I also gave  a talk.  On one day my artist friend Marina Kim helped me to man the studio, bringing her 2 children and the girls spent the afternoon making prints in the studio while I was available over in the Oast House Gallery to talk about the work. We like to have some printing plates available to explain techniques, and I always welcome questions, from print enthusiasts and penniless students alike.  Another day Lesley Samms (from the exciting new Pure Arts group) and her collector friend Eula gave me a hand, so it did feel like a community effort, and thanks to all, including my brother Geoff, visiting from New Zealand, and as always, my husband Harold Moores.
If you didnt make it to this Open Studio, I'll be having my next on the first weekend in December, 3rd and 4th December 11am - 4pm.

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  1. It sounds like you had a most enjoyable time, with family and friends pitching in, I hope that you found time for a party after...

    I'm just sorry that I was on my hol's in the Netherlands. Great to hear that your having another in December....It is on my calender... Can't wait, wish it were sooner.